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Nora's Trilogies

On this page I've pulled out all of Nora's trilogies. The books are arranged so that if they're connected, they're together. But as with the other pages, please keep in mind this site may not list every single book Nora has ever written, but it's at least most of them.

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Chronicles of The One Trilogy
The Guardians Trilogy
The Cousins O'Dwyer Trilogy
The Inn of BoonsBoro Trilogy
The Sign of Seven Trilogy
Circle Trilogy | In the Garden Trilogy | Key rilogy
Three Sisters Trilogy | Gallagher's of Ardmore Trilogy
Concannon Sisters Trilogy | Dream Trilogy | Star Trilogy

Chronicles of The One Trilogy

Year One
Of Blood And Bone
Rise of MagicksAvailable November 2019!

The Guardians Trilogy

Stars of Fortune
Bay of Sighs
Island of Glass

The Cousins O'Dwyer Trilogy

Dark Witch
Shadow Spell
Blood Magic

The Inn of BoonsBoro Trilogy

The Perfect Hope
The Last Boyfriend
The Next Always

The Sign of Seven Trilogy

Blood Brothers
The Hollow
The Pagan Stone

Circle Trilogy

Morrigan's Cross
Dance of the Gods
Valley of Silence

In the Garden Trilogy

Blue Dahlia
Black Rose
Red Lily

Key Trilogy

Key of Light
Key of Knowledge
Key of Valor

Three Sisters Trilogy

Dance Upon The Air
Heaven And Earth
Face The Fire

The Gallagher's Of Ardmore

Jewels of the Sun
Tears of the Moon
Heart of the Sea

Concannon Sisters Trilogy

Born in Ice
Born in Fire
Born in Shame

Born Irish
(contains all 3-in-1)

Dream Trilogy

Daring To Dream
Holding the Dream
Finding the Dream

Star Trilogy

Hidden Star
Captive Star
Secret Star

(contains: Hidden Star/Captive Star - The Stars of Mirth)

In case you're looking for a list of Nora's books, you might see if you can find:

Some of My Favorites

Savor The Moment

A review of...


Cilla McGowen is the granddaughter of Hollywood legend Janet Hardy and the daughter of a Hollywood wannabe. She was a child star with her own series, but when the series ended and voice overs and bit parts didn't interest her any longer, she knew she wanted something more out of life than the flash and burn of Hollywood. So she went to college for a semester, then got married and subsequently divorced (even though her exhusband and her are still best friends).

Now, when Dilly, Cilla's mother, needs money to get a show together, Cilla offers her the money for a piece of family property located in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Dilly begrudgingly takes the money and hands over the unmaintained property.

Ford Sawyer, the neighbor across the road, meets Cilla and can't quite shake the feelings he has for her. Ford and Cilla start getting together when the accidents start and he tries to help her solve the mysterious death of her grandmother, and find out who is trying to run her off from Little Farm in order to keep the secrets hidden.

This is a good book for curling up with and having a nice cup of tea, it's not my typical murder mystery but it really has substance and feeling, I will keep it with my growing collection of Nora Roberts books. It has kind of a homey feel to it.

A review of...

Red Lily

Ghosts, a century old scandal, and a sweet romance thrown in...the final book in Nora Roberts' In the Garden trilogy has it all.

Hayley Phillips traveled to Memphis, pregant and alone, to start a new life for herself and her unborn daughter after the death of her father. She left what she knew for the unknown. She took a chance on asking a distant cousin, Roz Harper, for help (a place to stay and a job) and ended up finding the love of a lifetime in Roz's son Harper Ashby.

A review of...

Megan's Mate

Megan O'Riley never planned to give her heart to another man after the father of her nine year old son seduced, impregnated, and then abandon them to marry his fiance. While Megan hadn't known about the other woman at the time, she still harbors shame at being the other woman.

Years later, she's smarter, no longer an inexperienced seventeen year old girl. But when she meets Nathanial Fury she's still--understandably--a little reluctant to give in to her feelings. The rush of overwhelming emotion is hard to ignore, however, and they inevitably work their way through her shields.

Where Nora started...

Most who've followed Nora from the start (and even those who're just finding her) will know that her career began when she sold her first book to Silhouette/Harlequin.

A lot of her books are being reprinted by them every so often to keep the story in circulation. Most of them are actually being reprinted with multiple stories all in one book.

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